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“I am interested in the interplay between controlled application of paint and the effects of chance, the tension between considered intent and spontaneity...”


I began studying for my BA in Fine Arts when I was a mature student in order to achieve a dream that began when I was twelve. I work in a variety of media including oil, acrylic, watercolour, enamel, collage and mixed media. I often work with a limited palette and the scale varies enormously.

Smaller sketches may be a starting point for a larger finished work and be an end in itself. I will often use the work to explore the emotional resonance of colours, the effects achieved through dripping, dragging, layering and glazing and how the thickness, dilution, opacity or translucence of the applied paint impacts on the final outcome.

Whilst some work is spontaneous and finished quickly other pieces can take weeks or months to complete because they are built of layer after layer of grounds , washes, coats of paint and glazes with intermediate stages sometimes being scraped, distressed and even completely obscured by overpainting..

The starting place for a piece may be a word, a phrase, a colour or combination that reflects my mood and concern at that particular time. It can also involve the deliberate development of techniques and experimentation. However my underlying aim is always to communicate and express emotions.






Art History

Mixed Media


Yorkshire Coast College.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graduated: 2010 (Hons)

Graduated from the School of Fine Art, Westwood Campus,
June 2010. :About Six: Final Show..

University Foundation Award (Combined Studies}.

Watercolour/Acrylic Painting - Graduated, University of Hull: 2007



Events and exhibitions, online projects, mail art.

University of Hull.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. July 2010.



The Flower Design Show, Scarborough. 2010.


Whitby. 2015.

Annual Exhibition. Whitby Arts Society. Pannett Art Gallery. Everything is Illuminated. March 2015.



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Whitby, North Yorkshire. UK.


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